Is Charlie Sheen Winning (Duh!)…or Losing It?

Monday, March 8, VH1 aired a TV special entitled “Charlie Sheen: Winning…Or Losing It?

Dr. Drew Pinsky — reality TV’s most popular medical professional (most popularly known from Celebrity Rehab) — hosted the show.

The show went in on Charlie Sheen.

Dr. Drew and other expert physicians, etc. who “have never met or treated Charlie Sheen” spent an hour dissecting his recent behavior.

They talked about how irresponsible he’s been. How dangerous his behavior is. And about all of the medical terms for his condition. They specifically highlighted how his behavior can be characterized as “hypo-manic.”

The list of symptoms for the condition were spot on with Sheen’s recent behavior, which they made sure we were aware of by craftily plugging in clips from his latest interviews and media appearances.

His problems were impossible to miss. Drew and the other medical experts were successful in exposing just how bad Sheen’s situation is.

Thirty minutes into the show I don’t know if there was a viewer in the audience who could deny Dr. Drew’s hypothesis: Charlie Sheen is hypo-manic.

And, then…

The show basically ended.

Dr. Drew and the others stressed the need for Sheen to have some sort of intervention.

But… none of them — including Dr. Drew — seemed to be too interested in taking serious steps to help Charlie Sheen or connecting with someone who could.

They seemed fine with diagnosing him from afar and giving him a lofty and general prescription.

But no one seemed to be too interested in getting their own hands dirty and taking steps toward real solutions for Sheen.

This last Thursday, a dear friend reminded us of the humility of God.

He showed us how in Genesis God began a pattern of reaching into human history to correct our most destructive problem: pride.

Though we spit in God’s face, and try this life thing on our own (though we were never meant to succeed at life without God), God didn’t just sit up on His lofty throne in heaven and watch us bury ourselves under an unconquerable amount of sin.

In the humblest act ever (literally ever), after accurately defining our problem, God Himself decided to become our solution.

He sent His Son (Himself) to absorb the consequences of our actions. On the cross — Christ died the spiritual death that we all deserve and paid for the spiritual debt that we all owe God as a result of our sin.

And after His Son successfully completed this mission (which we know because of His resurrection), He sent His Holy Spirit (Himself) to hold private interventions for us.

His Holy Spirit shows us our own faults, shows us the consequences of our lives of pride, and then walks with us through the recovery process, which begins and is guaranteed success by faith in Jesus Christ.

He also calls out to the whole world through those of us who He is helping to walk through His rehab program (commonly referred to as sanctification) and in countless other “random” events and circumstances in our lives.

The Points:

  • If you don’t trust in Christ – let this be your intervention – start asking questions and get to find out about this God who loves you – loved you enough to come down and get you.
  • If you do trust in Christ: I challenge you to start loving folks hands on. Don’t just diagnose folks and walk away. Share with them the love that you’ve come to know. You be the one to lovingly tell them the truth and introduce them to the solution. Put away the pride, put on the love. And be active – just like our sweet rehabilitator.

ministering to your naked grandma!

what are some things God does not want to see in His ministry?

keep this in mind before you buzz in:

5 For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.

some things God does not want to see in His ministry …

the proclamation of rules. hence “what,” “Jesus Christ as Lord.” webster defines lord as: a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due. oh my goodness! check this out, we are to proclaim the ruler: Jesus Christ as Lord! please get that! Jesus Christ AS Lord! God doesn’t want us to proclaim the rules, He’s done that enough! God proclaimed the rules back in the gap with pure grace, in order that we humans could see that we can’t hold to ’em, that we’ll break ’em, and that we’ll need to place faith in a savior in the likes of the 1 and only Jesus Christ! don’t take my word for it, peep galatians 3. why proclaim rules that no one can live by when the ruler that anyone can place faith in is alive, well and “ret” to save!?

individualism. hence “we,” “ourselves,”  “servants.” it plainly says that there isn’t just one promoter. you are on a team. a coalition. you are part of a city. God has called (don’t miss that) multiple cats to proclaim his Son, Jesus Christ as Lord! spoiler alert: “it’s not about you.” you didn’t choose to be on His team, so you have no right to boast and think you (or your church or young-adult ministry or campus ministry) are the only one “preaching the gospel” or doing His word! it’s not about what you do, or what you don’t do, or how much you do of whatever it is that you think is so awesome that you do – do. the glory and the work belongs to him who called us. i’m not lebron with the cavs trying to do it all by myself. remember how that ended right? if christianity were like the nba, then we’re not even one of the “superstars,” we’re riding the bench getting towels and gatorades for the starters during the timeouts. yes, that’s service, but the point is: we are not alone.

silent-evangelism. hence “proclaim.” God did not call us to walk around in silence and “be the only bible that people read.” yes we are set-apart by grace and should walk in a manner worthy of the gospel, but we are not to “preach the gospel and use words if necessary.” if that was the case, the only part of the bible most people would read in us is that romans 3:9-18 part. since that is the case, it is ALWAYS necessary for us to use words and tell about the sweetness of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. if i don’t tell of God’s grace despite my sin, yet only walk around in silence while i post on my facebook and twitter and tumblr and blogspot how “great” of a Christian i am, that would definitely make me a liar and a hypocrite. see, Jesus was the only one who can and who did and who ever will walk around as if He were the bible. because of another part of the bible, colossians 2:13-15, i can walk around and actually, with my mouth and walk, like Jesus did, proclaim how graceful God is, how perfect He is, how loving He is and how He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for most of my ” bible walk,” and how much we need Jesus daily! only “walking the walk” or only “talking the talk” leads to either legalism or hypocrisy. (that’s another blog for another day). submitting to the Spirit helps keep that perfect balance!

self-promotion. hence “not ourselves.” this ties with individualism, but isn’t exactly the same. self-promotion is literally marketing yourself (or the church body you belong too, or the ministry you help lead, etc.) instead of Jesus Christ. we do it all the time. remember that testimony you gave? the one that said, in a paraphrased-self-glorifying-nutshell, “my life was horrible but then i got on the right track and now i’m a champion that never does wrong. i’m #winning, word to charlie sheen.” sounds good on oprah but there was NO Jesus in there. it should really go like this, “i unknowingly but very knowingly put hip hop, sex, and popularity before God , thinking that those things were all there was to life while basking in my self-righteousness. crazy thing is, when i wasn’t even thinking about God, He sent people to show & tell me the love of Jesus Christ and what righteousness really is, and how much a filthy person like me needs Him daily. that message of love penetrated my heart and literally made me a new person. i still struggle with idolizing music, sex, and wanting to be seen on the scene and be ‘cool,’ but the love of God constantly tugs me back to Him and reminds me just that, HE loves me. i’m complete, but only in Christ.”

and the last thing that God does not want to see in His minstry is

me-Christianity. hence “your servants for Jesus’ sake.” breaking news: Christianity doesn’t start nor end with us. it is not about you living your best life now, being all that you can be, being fearfully and wonderfully made, being a man after God’s own heart, doing all things through Christ, moving mountains or even getting your blessings. it’s about Jesus. it’s about Jesus living the life that we couldn’t and dying the death that we couldn’t afford. it’s about Jesus being all that we couldn’t be. it’s about Jesus who was never made, never fearful, but always wonderful. it’s about Jesus who literally had the heart of God, completing the work of salvation on the cross for us – now that’s a blessing. it’s about God, being so indescribably set-apart and perfect (we just say holy), that He can’t stand to see the world in the mess that it’s in forever, so He’s going to reconcile all things unto Him, and has already began – through Jesus. it’s about the love of Jesus loving so hard that His love through the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of those like me who didn’t know what love is (and sometime i still act like i don’t know). it’s about Jesus initiating healed hearts to overcome hate – to love, and then by the power of the Holy Spirit new creatures are able to love on folk through service – like Jesus did. it’s not about us getting all the blessings in heaven and living eternally – that’s just a crazy silly OMG HALLELUJAH THANK YOU LAWD bonus that we do not deserve.

it’s not about us. it’s all about Jesus.

2 Corinthians 4:5 For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.