from the boombocks to the city.

i once wrote a blog that epitomized the ramblings of someone who worshiped their own thoughts.  it was titled, the boombocks. i had many followers. and i loved it. i loved when people saw how smart i thought i was. i loved when people complimented my choice of vocabulary, of which i usually forced just to let readers know that i read my dictionary. i loved it when i reached a thousand members in my facebook group for the blog. i loved it when friends and total strangers praised my mind. i loved the fact that i appeared to be righteous. i loved the feeling of being justified by my writing. i loved the attention that i got from my blog, whether positive or negative. i loved the way it felt to bash people that i presumed were unrighteous (like abraham did) because i thought i had a knowledge of self. i loved the acceptance that i received from the art world, mainly because i was spewing a somewhat gnostic, universalist worldview. i loved the fact that i was loved. people seemed to love me.

i loved it.

then i hit rock bottom and got rocked by the Rock.

do you see all of the “i’s,” “me’s,” and “my’s” in the first paragraph? do you see all of the glory i sought after and loved to steal from God? that’s a problem.

a friend who wasn’t in Christ at the time (fall back you know what i mean smh lol), but now a sister in Christ and writer of this blog, hali, sent me a facebook message that would literally point to Christ as the solution, point to my blog’s incredible shortcomings, and then point back to God, who deserves ALL the glory.

hali posted this on her tumblr one day. i was at work and it stirred me to write this on my old tumblr …

the best feeling in the world isn’t sex. it’s knowing that you’ve helped somebody.

even more so because you know that you can’t help nobody, because you can’t help yourself.

so God gets all the credit because it was He that helped you to help somebody.

so now the best feeling in the world is knowing that God chose to use you, who couldn’t help yourself, to help someone, that can’t help themselves … despite of your helpless self.

soli deo gloria.

so now, by the grace of God, from the examples i see all around me (zach, josh, chloe, candis, jasmine, david, pt, hali, taryn, nat, dennis, erica, taryn, ashley, and many other brethren in the faith), i do not write to point back to my mind – although i am often tempted to (pray for me). by the Holy Spirit that seals, i write for Jesus, who died on the cross so that God can commune with me once again, and subsequently write my name in that book.

writers and speakers, hear my heart: when you write and or speak the truth of the bible, that unashamed-loving truth that exalts the savior and not man, i hope man will not respond in praising you, but i hope that man will be moved by the Holy Spirit and revealed of their shortcomings and problems (conviction). now now, there is a prime opportunity to point to the glorious solution!

i personally love this blog and the gospel community God has placed me in. the writers of this blog aim not to show-off any individual person, except Jesus Christ! i am honored and privileged to be a part of this amazing project! i don’t deserve it!!!

For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. – 2 corinthians 4:5

the viral addiction.

with one click,
i slip into your system
and i linger inside of you subconsciously
when you (ex) out of me.

eyes glued to the tube, sometimes
youtube, i know what you like to use
to entrap yourself with me,
quietly – secretly – away from the world.

i am the reason you can’t stay in
a healthy relationship because i set
the standards for you, i create an image
that, in your reality, is intangible.

but you don’t know this, i have consumed you.

i create an urge within you that cannot be
contained in public places which forces you to
rise out of your seat, dash into the restroom stall
to satisfy the infidelity that has become your master.

you are addicted to me, even though you know i’ve
injected within your system a virus that cannot be cured,
a virus that will never be cured because you refuse to confess,
this weakness to those you call your “friends.”

then you wonder why you can’t stay in a relationship.
i laugh, i giggle, i cackle at you and your denial because
i even know the cure that’ll deplete this wicked desire i’ve implanted
within you. i even know that you can’t get over me on your own.

you read His word all the time, even while you tune in to watch me
and He’s said to you, that you should put to death the sinful and
earthly things that lurk around you, to have nothing to do with sexual
immorality, lust, impurity and evil desires!

HE SAYS IT TO YOU, but you still give in to me. still, i laugh.
you’ve been washed clean and sanctified in the name of the Lord Jesus,
so why do you still give in to me? when all i offer you is
toxic relationships and selfishness and evil desires?

when will you quit me, for good?

yours truly,

daisy under the Son.

now when the sun was setting, all those who had any who were sick with various diseases brought them to Him, and He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them.
– luke 4:40.

the power of healing truly lies in one hand. and only. one. hand. in the hand of our Lord and our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ. the authority He has over all sicknesses and diseases is immeasurable and His will for us all will  forever be pleasurable.

i see this to be true through this beautiful, vibrant, and jovial young girl named Daisy Merrick who was diagnosed with cancer 7 months ago.

Daisy Merrick has gone through surgery, through chemotherapy, and through several blood tests upon other things to prevent the malignant tumor that was the size of a nerf ball from spreading throughout her body. she has experienced so much throughout these trying months.  but that did not stop her from fighting against it … or Him.

when Jesus died on the cross for us, He provided for our physical, mental, and emotional healing along with our salvation.

by the grace of our loving and comforting Lord God, Daisy was declared cure of all her cancer may 7th, 2010.  after countless prayers and silent tears shed, God became the umbrella for the Merrick family in this unmerciful storm and walked them through it – step by step.  He shed grace on them.  He protected them.  He taught this family to stand on His promises in obedience, to trust Him with all their hearts, and to believe that His word is true. please, take time to watch this touching video of Daisy’s story.

at times like this, we come into terms with this question: how can i be angry at a God so sovereign?  in situations that tend to block the Light of our Lord, we seat ourselves in discomfort and frustration – forgetting everything that He has done, is doing, and said He will do.  we.  shut.  down.  and that pierces through His heart like a knife and He cries.  because His biggest desire is for us to trust in Him and to believe that our trials have only visited us to sanctify the corruption we have grown to love so much.

each and every one of us share the same cells as Daisy.  all it takes is something to trigger that cell and it will begin to reproduce, uncontrollably.  the cells will build up to form an abnormal mass of tissue and you, yes you, can be diagnosed with cancer.

we must thank God with every last breath in our bodies that He has protected us from this sickness.  and for those who have survived, we must praise God and extend the highest Glory to Him for keeping us through something the doctors name incurable.

her story can be read in full here – please, keep Daisy and the Merrick family lifted in prayer!

dedicated to You.

baptismthe outward symbol of the commitment made in your heart. an outward demonstration of an inward transformation. the dip of death into the rise of renewal.

baptism is not the washing away of sins. baptism is not a representation of being saved. baptism is a personal commitment in your heart made with Jesus Christ presented publicly. committing your every word, every breath, and every action to Him. no longer living and walking in the old skin you were physically born into; but now the new skin that you are spiritually given and re-born into.

the baptism of our brother, oshioke odior, was refreshingly amazing.  it reminded me and brought me back to the day i was baptized and the power i felt come over me after being submerged into His holy water and risen into His holy presence.

this symbolizes New Life.  eyes seeing a whole new world through Gods immaculate Words.  liberation is stirred into the water and after rising, freedom rings.

the journey may be long and it may be challenging … but this time around, He will order your steps according to His will for you.  your life is in His hands.

thank You, God, for allowing us to participate in this act of worship and glorification of You.

Why There’s No Way To Smash On Your Salvation

Do Me A Favor? Turn Off Your Lights…

Now grab some incense…maybe some rose petals, get some chocolate and play this video.

Now That I Got You In The Mood, Read This…(Emphasis and Color added)

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (English Standard Version)
9Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,10nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Canton Jones in the song’s hook says,  “you’re cute but not cute enough for my salvation” he also says “see ain’t nobody worth me goin’ to hell.”

This is not a slug against CJ, I enjoy (some) of his music, but the theology here is horribly incorrect.

Much like the people in Corinthians, even though they were presently doing things that don’t merit folk getting into heaven, that is not who they were. Verse 11 says they were justified in Christ. Again, these people did what they were accused of, but that doesn’t make them what they were accused of.

But what is justification?

Justification means that not only were you forgiven of what you did wrong, but you were given goodness. The goodness of who? Well the goodness of Jesus Christ my friend. 😉 <– (that’s a sexy wink)

Maybe an example of what Justification is?

Okay, so let’s say you’re in debt. Like…1,000,342,435,398,534 dollars in debt. You’ll never be able to pay it off and that’s a big deal because if you can’t pay it off..then well… you’ll die. So you get a call and your bank tells you someone has payed your debt, all of it is gone. So now your at 0 dollars. Good right? Yeah! So you’re hopping around happy that someone had paid off all this cash for you, but then the bank says that the same person has put
951,356,363,345,565,989,989,645,456,546,045 dollars in your account.
So not only has your debt been paid, but you’ve been given unlimited riches!  So now, your a quad-gabillion-zillionaire!! With all of these riches, do you think you would go eat in the sewer, play in the mud, or drink box wine? Of course not! That doesn’t match the identity you are now in with the riches you have been given!

So the issue isn’t that having sex outside of marriage will threaten your salvation, but more so that sex outside of marriage doesn’t match the identity you now have with what (or should I say who) you have been given. You don’t do those things because you simply don’t do them. One wouldn’t ask Bill Gates why he doesn’t eat out of the trashcan, he’s rich case closed. And if one did happen to see Bill Gates eating out of the trashcan what would they say, that he’s poor? No! He may be acting like he’s poor, or maybe he simply forgot all the riches he has. Let us not run and do things out of the identity we have been given. Let us remember the cross of Christ who “suffered all the stripes for the lawless types” – (Shai Linne). He died for us then gave us His perfection so that we are made perfect in the eyes of God while still being perfected/sanctified.

Please remember: there’s nothing you can do to beat/smash/becky/etc. on your salvation.

Grace. Peace.

Does "Having Faith" Matter?

“Just have faith!”  “I have faith that I could make it happen.”  “You’ve just got to believe.”  I always hear that word “faith,” but I never could understand what they were talking about.  What do you mean by “faith?”  And where do I place my “faith.”  In you?  In me?  In Wall Street?  In my appearance?  In my wealth?  In my ability to overcome?  Where?

Every human being has faith and places it somewhere.  Let’s define faith has having trust in something or someone. Everybody trusts something or someone.  In order to exist, you have to believe in something.  It is foundational to human existence.  People trust parents, people, drugs, family, sex, jobs, money, love, science, and so on.  Since everybody trusts in something, the question now changes.  Before it was “Do you have faith?”  Now it is “Where do you place your faith?”  Do you trust created things that fade away, get old, or runaway, or do you trust the One who is eternal in his power, splendor, and magnificence?

Faith cannot stand by itself.  In order for faith to matter, it must be attached to a person or a thing that can deliver!  For instance, what if the Indianapolis Colts were playing the Cleveland Browns, and you picked the Cleveland Browns to win because you had “faith.” I know that the Cleveland Browns haven’t won more than 6 games in the last two years, so I would pick Indianapolis and watch you lose the bet because the team you chose to put your trust in has no power.  Whether you win the bet depends upon the team you picked.  If you picked the losing team, I don’t care how much faith you have – you are a loser.  But if you pick the winning team, with just a little faith – you are a winner.  My salvation does not depend upon the amount of faith I have, but it depends upon the power of the one I have trusted.  If I put a little faith in a big Jesus who has shown that he can beat death, hell, and the grave…  (Matthew 17:20)

(Check for Part 2.)


This is a true story. And if you’re reading this – it’s only by the grace of God!

Because my computer has a virus!

A few weeks ago I was determined to watch a video at any means necessary – even if it meant illegally downloading it. The first season of Glee was good, ya’ll!

(Bear with me, there is a point to this!)

So, in the process of trying to illegally download this information, I realized that I was downloading something that I did not want. When I tried to stop…well, it was already too late. There was something, possibly a virus trying to gain access to my computer. Thankfully, Norton Security popped up and alerted me that a virus had been downloaded, but it presented a *Fix option. Wonderful! I hit fix, restarted the computer when asked and went about my business. Everything was fine. Or so I thought….

Slowly, but surely, I increasingly noticed little quirks, if you will, in my computers operation. And every so often Norton Security would pop back up and let me know a virus has been detected and the *Fix option was recommended. I would click and move on my merry way…only less merry – because the quirks were getting worse. They were/are begining to interfere with more and more essential operating functions.

(Please, give me just a few more paragraphs – I’m telling you there’s a point!)

The function of my computer finally got so poor and so debilitating that I had no other choice but to take it to my father. He’s the Mr. Fix It of computers – and from the very moment I knew I had problems I knew he could fix it – or at least know what to do. The only thing that had kept me from going to him before was just a little bit of pride – but at this point, pride wasn’t worth saving, not with the necessary function of the computer he had given me on the line.

His diagnosis: I had a serious virus, that had been present for some time now. (Meaning: when I was pressing *Fix – nothing was happening, the virus remained!) And the virus had been remotely accessing my hardrive and stealing things that I need in order to maintain proper function. At some point I had changed my settings to allow a access to my computer to an unwanted culprit. I had alloweda virus into my system.

His proposed solution: In order to salvage my computer I must completely unload and reload all of my entire operating system/software (something along the lines of having to completely start over.) And, it may just in fact be best to switch operating systems entirely.

(Here comes the POINT: this is it!)

As Christians: We must completely switch operating systems!

Human nature comes attached with the virus downloaded onto our system when Adam (yes, prompted by the decieved Eve) sought information illegally (namely the Knowledge of Good and Evil): sin. Now, for some of us, we may not think twice about the virus. It may not seem to effect you for some time. But eventually it’s effects will become clear. It may show up as dysfunction in your relationships, a disconnect between you and joy, security, love, confidence, balance, peace, and purpose. And when it shows itself you will have two options. You can, as your conscience brings up the source of dysfunction or disconnect, decide to hit the self-help-I-can-fix-it-on-my-own button, or you can take it back to the one who knows best – the one who designed your system: the Father.

Take the second option. Try the Father. Sure, you’ll have to be baptized into Christ’s life death and ressurection and live a lifestyle denouncing your old mode of operating. But when you’ve got the Holy Spirit fighting off the old virus for you, you’re free to operate as you should, connect with God and others as you should, function as you should – with peace, in love, full of joy, with the most worthwhile of purposes: teaching others about the new System: Window to Heaven: Jesus Christ. There’s nothing like it.

All you need do is turn to the Father (God), aknowledge your current mode of operating is working, and accept the plan that He has set up for you: namely the redemptive work of Jesus (God, the Son) on the Cross. Jesus lived a perfect life, then died a death in which He took the punishment for all of our unperfect lives, and then rose back from the dead to live for the rest of eternity. If you believe that is true, then the next thing to do is to be baptized – sympolizing that you accept what Jesus has done for you – namely, take the punishment for your sins, live a perfect life for you to be given credit for, and then get up to live forever so that we might live forever with Him, too. And from there on out, trust in your new Operator, the Holy Spirit (i.e. God, the Spirit), and read your new manual (i.e. the Bible.)

Love you,

Please pray for my computer…

signed, sealed, & delivered.

dear Jesus,

You are everything. period. it’s me, Your bond-servant. thanks for the free gift. thanks for everything. thanks for being three in one. that’s pretty beasty. i love You and all, but i’ve been feeling extremely guilty as of late. well, just to sum it up, i thought, since i am now a Christian, that i would be perfect, like You. i’ve learned that not to be true. i thought that the purpose of Christianity was to be perfect. i’ve found that not to be true. i love You with all of the grace that You have bestowed upon me, but yet i still sin. everyday. somehow. someway. let me not be too general, i’ll just confess some things in specific. i still have lustful thoughts. yes, i’m committing adultery every day. it’s so tough seeing your beautiful creations basking in the sun with hardly no clothes on. i mean, i don’t even have to undress them with my eyes anymore, they’ve already done that for me, but you’re still improving me, through grace. thank You. i am also shy, and that is a serious pride issue. i am giving this to You as well. i’ve been praying, and i slowly realize the work that You are doing with my pride. it is slowly deteriorating, and i thank You for that. i just ask that You do not remember these sins. i mean, for the wages of sin is death, right? and i don’t wanna die, instead, i want to turn away from these sins, you know, repent? that’s what we Christians call it right? i don’t want to just proclaim that i don’t want to stop doing these things, cause i’ll admit, it keeps my flesh happy, so i’ll just be honest, and surrender it all to You. here. i’ve included a list of things and representations of some things that i would like for You to take away from me. in this dirty, filthy envelope is my pride, my insecurities, my fear of man, my worldly desires, and guilt, amongst other things. please don’t hold me accountable for all of the things that i have done. thanks!

in love,
Your bond-servant.

i stamped it “in Jesus name.”

it had been weeks, and He never replied to me. then one day, i woke up, looked at the empty cross on my chest, went to check my mail, and received the letter back in the exact same dirty envelope i put the letter in, with the exact same stamp. i opened the envelope of dirt, and a little blood began to leak from the letter. i checked my letter, and all that remained from what i wrote was “dear Jesus,” as if the body of the letter had been completely washed away. i presume it was by the blood. i then put the letter back in the envelope, because the blood seemed to be overflowing, covering all, and before i knew it, the envelope was beginning to appear as clean as ever, pure white, and sealed, and the front of the envelope suddenly read …


my name: signed in the Lamb’s book of life.
my salvation: sealed, to never be blotted out of the Lamb’s book of life.
my soul: delivered from the lake of fire, because my name was written in the Lamb’s book of life before i knew it.

and i didn’t do a thing but repent and believe in He who did all the work …

Jesus the Christ.

touchdown saints!

here is 1 of my favorite songs of all time. straight Gospel. written and performed by fred hammond, member of 1 of the greatest groups of all-time, commissioned, and whoever else he wants to worship with. the beginning words of this song, like chris brown, slap me in the face every single time it creeps near my ear …

“bread of life, sent down from Glory,
many things You were on Earth,
a Holy King, a carpenter …
You are the living Word.”

which reminds me of the most electrifying verse in the Bible, a verse so jam packed that one may find it extremely difficult to begin to actually explain the divine-dust connection that causes us to rejoice, after understanding. John 1:14. the first 5 words alone can be written or spoken about for eternity (pun intended): “AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH…” this “Word” that John, being used as a nostril-author by God, is referring to is Jesus Christ. all God. all man. that’s right. He came down to this filthy, raggedy, dirty earth, and said, before jay-z ever did, “i’ll show you how to do this son.” amazing.

this fact alone separates Christianity from religion. religion is man trying to reach God, which just avails to reaching god(s), but the Bible says that God is the initiator and that He came to us … that’s Love!

all of the other “gods” chose to stay in their places, but the one and true living God loved, and still loves, us so much that He came to us, simply because there is no way in heaven, or hell, that we could come to him. the good news is that He is bringing us back up with Him one day, but only if we surrender all and recognize and trust and believe that we as sinners need a clean slate to be with Him! He came down and died on the cross as a substitutionary death, a SAVIOR, for those who know that the punishment for sin (singular) is death …

“Jesus, Jesus!
that’s what we call You.
manger-born, but on a tree,
You died to save humanity … You are the living Word!!!”