The Real Word: Finding Purpose (Part 1) – Isaiah 43:6-7

Radio Reconcile


Radio Reconcile


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We are all at the age where we’ve experienced “love,” waking up next to the wrong person, thought about getting married and being involved in relationships!  Tomorrow night will give us all the opportunity to discuss these relevant topics and to seek common ground and a solution on the issues that may arise from each experience.  Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and opinions on The Morning After!

Hosted by Symone Parker and Andre Kohn with a panel of intelligent and opinionated individuals, this event should be one to remember!!!  Come out and share your experiences with others!

Date: Tuesday, April 12

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: KIVA ROOM (on the University of Houston campus).
This room is located in Farish Hall, College of Education.

We hope to see you all and to hear what you all have to say on these topics!!! #themorningafter.

My Own Fiasco

Hands down, one of my favorite rappers used to be Lupe Fiasco. We haven’t necessarily parted ways, because I respect his talent, but we’ve just grown apart. I liked Cool Young Lu because he was intelligent, lyrically talented, and not afraid to mash on society or politics. I was jamming on pandora one day and ‘The Coolest’ came on. It’s funny how you can hear something so many times and not really realize what you’re listening to or what exactly you’re hearing. Verse one opens up with…

“I Love the Lord, but sometimes it’s like I love me more.”

And it’s like I said, the song isn’t new. I’ve heard it before, but I wasn’t really hearing it. But this time I heard it, and I think I heard it this time because I felt it. I felt it in my gut. Lupe had just put into words what I put into action. “I love the Lord, but sometimes it’s like I love me more.”

See love is something I’ve been struggling with. I was telling my pastor of my struggles to love people and he dropped a line that also hit me in my gut. He said, “You know we always think that there’s this one person that we’re bad at loving without realizing that we’re bad at loving everyone, including God.”

Immediately I was on the defense, saying to myself, “I love people! I love my family and close friends!” Right? And then it was like someone pushed play on a horror film inside of my head. I saw myself being unloving to the people I claimed to love the most. I saw myself answering phone calls only when it’s convenient for me. I saw myself interacting with these people, but mostly when it benefited me. I saw myself sitting stationary, knowing that someone needed Godly advice, knowing that they needed guidance and needed to talk. Forget first fruits, I saw myself giving God the last of all my fruits. I went on to name this horror film ‘I love you, but I love me more.’ I was disgusted.

I’m not struggling to love people or God; I’m struggling to get over myself. We have got to fight to walk as living sacrifices. Remember what it took for you to get saved? Remember the emotions you felt at your lowest time of brokenness-anger, frustration, depression-remember the mess you made when you were doing things your way? Can you see what placing your faith in Jesus Christ has done in your life, can you see the change? How can we still want to hold onto ourselves. I was hopeless without Him, I still am hopeless without Him, and I always will be hopeless without Him.

That’s enough motivation for me to let go of myself. That’s enough motivation for me to worship God. That’s enough for me to love God for what He’s done and translate the love that I receive from Him into love that I now give to others. I want to wake up every day and feel exactly like I’m mourning the loss of someone I loved dearly …


what’s Love?

February 15th, L.E.G.S. (Ladies Evolving by God’s Spirit) will be holding a special bible study on the topic of love and what love is. The bible study will be featuring a dynamic minister from Good Hope, Pastor Chris Clemons.

L.E.G.S. is an outreach ministry on the University of Houston campus that aims to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, primarily to young women on campus.  L.E.G.S. holds weekly bible studies on campus every Tuesday night in the UC – Spindletop Room.

The post-Valentine’s day bible study will be located at Cullen Community Center and will begin at 7:15 p.m. SHARP! If you are curious as to what people have to say about love in general and you want to give your own input, don’t be shy, COME OUT!

You are required to bring:

  • A Bible.
  • Pen and paper.
  • A friend.
  • Your crush.
  • Your valentine.
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • An open heart and an open ear.

We hope to see you on Tuesday, February 15th at 7:15 p.m!!!

Love, Lights, & Glory

Sometimes it feels like some people become unlovable. I’m not sure how it happened. Maybe we used to be cool, something happened and now we aren’t cool anymore and that hurts.  Maybe they just rubbed me the wrong way, or maybe it’s because I feel like they’ve done me wrong. Whatever it is, its just really hard to love them now. And if I’m honest as to why, for me, it’s because I get no glory from loving the unlovable. I get no glory from serving them. They’re ungrateful, they use me, it’s not like they even appreciate me. They don’t acknowledge me or what I do for them and thats angering.

The only thing more captivating then the way in which God revealed His glory to Isaiah (ch.6) is the way that Isaiah responded to His glory. In that moment where Isaiah encountered God’s glory, he was so overwhelmed by how lowly and unworthy he was. It’s like he was reminded of all the ways that he had fallen short and his need to be saved, and in turn he responded by offering himself up completely for the work of the Lord.

It’s hard to offer ourselves completely to the Lord’s service, which might include loving the unlovable, when we think we are entitled to glory.  But to think on the cross, all of His creation, the change He’s brought in my life, is there ever a moment where I should feel as if I’ve never seen the glory of the Lord? If not, then how can my response be to think that I deserve to shine?

Loving the unlovable has nothing to do with us, but it has everything to do with how we choose to respond to the glory of the Lord. Loving the unlovable has nothing to do with our ability to love, but our ability to respond to the love that He has given us.

When I strive for the shine, especially in my relations with others, I withhold love until I get the shine I think I deserve and my actions lose love when I’m striving to make sure no one enters my spotlight. And it’s not until I feel disgusted and as low as dirt about the way that these relationships have worked out that I realize that if I had the glory I would remain in this dirt. God gets the glory when we come to the realization that we need Him save us. God is the only one who would look on His majestic glory and choose to elevate us, the lowly.

If He is sufficient, I don’t need to shine. Faith is exercised when I choose to give it all up believing that God will cover me and replace it all with more than I could ever attain on my own. Theres more joy, more peace, the highest purpose and validation than my shine could ever bring. If I’m standing on the stage of life, the only way for me to love you is to choose to put the spotlight on Christ….and it’s a decision I have to make everyday.

Last Tear

reconcile ft. corey paul & f.o.e. – “last tear”

as stated once before, the city @ good hope is excited about all that God is doing in and through the members of this body in the field of art! we have photographers, musical beasts of multiple genres (true levites), writers & journalists (evidence, this website), public speakers, amazing painters and sketchers, poets, and etc.! the city has truly been graced by God to have so many gifts and talents in just one body! we try not to take this fact for granted, but instead offer thanksgiving and give all the glory to God through these gifts!

with that said, our own ronnie lillard has been blessed with the talent to spread the gospel via hip hop/rap and subsequently personify the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that hip hop heads like myself and many others can love, appreciate, and honor God all the while!

“last tear” is a track from the “burn this city (ep)” (available for free download) … see more from reconcile at the official website.

the ‘S’ word.

Sword: why have you been avoiding me all of your life?

person: because, you don’t know how to make me feel good. with you, i am sooo bored and sooo lonely.

Sword: you’ve never even given me a chance! you don’t know what i have to offer!

person: i’ve seen what it’s like and i don’t want to make the same mistake. back up off of me!

i’ve seen a lot of people reject the ‘S’ word because they’re afraid of the “loneliness” that travels with it. i’ve witnessed a lot of people reject the ‘S’ word, occupying themselves with frivolous relations to satisfy themselves, selfishly. i have witnessed a great amount of people reject the ‘S’ word to avoid the jealousy of others who have also rejected the ‘S’ word and are in those same frivolous relations they long to be in. but i’ve always wondered why? because i used to do the same thing without fully understanding why i rejected the ‘S’ word.

being in companionship with the ‘S’ word is socially and culturally incorrect and strange to the world. and that’s just it. the world can’t comprehend the divinity and the significance of the ‘S’ words existence. that’s why it teaches us to hate it. this forces us to crave relationships with the opposite sex that could potentially lead to detriment. we have been conditioned to be afraid of the ‘S’ word and refuse to acknowledge it if our lives depended on it. this is why our lives should be dependent on Christ and in our season shared with the ‘S’ word, we have the opportunity to offer our entire, undivided attention to He who saved us from killing and sending ourselves to hell. we create toxic soul ties with human beings because our souls aren’t completely tied to Jesus. the one who created each and every last human on this earth. they’re both the same thing, One is more promising while the other is spiritaully fatal.

the ‘S’ word in the context of the Bible is described to be one of the spiritual gifts God blesses some with. some, not all. the ‘S’ word in the context of the Bible is a great thing! our brother paul wishes that we could all be like him because the ‘S’ word’s goal isn’t to make us feel unwanted and/or alone but to allow us to totally exercise our faith and relationship completely with Christ. the ‘S’ word allows us to experience Gods calling on our lives fully without any division and/or obligations to our partners. the ‘S’ word allows us “to promote good order and to secure our undivided devotion to the Lord” (1 corinthians 7:35b). because of the ‘S’ word, we have the opportunity to be in FULL fellowship with Christ, with every filament in our bodies.

in Christ Jesus, there is no place for loneliness or incompleteness or boredom. in Christ Jesus, completeness resonates and He has created a game plan for each and every soul that believes in Him. in our season shared with the ‘S’ word, we have duties. we have an abundance of duties that we would possibly not be able to complete if we were married. our time would be divided and in this season with the ‘S’ word, we have the privilege to fulfill our responsibilities that Christ has assigned to us.

now, how much longer will we extract all of our energy into the cup of ultimate THIRSTINESS when it’s being emptied out to complete the tasks at hand assigned by our Lord and Savior? when will we choose to place that energy in the hands of God, in obedience, so we can make ourselves available for His use? how can we be instruments of God and be too busy for His use?
ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you the unveiling of the infamous ‘S’ word, SINGLENESS. Singleness is a gift and in our seasons of singleness, we must unwrap it and let Him put us to use in it. why continue to let a gift from God to collect dust?

the gods of love and relationships, part II

Dating & relationships are the most discussed subjects, ever.

It seems as if people seek relationships & love more than they seek God at times. This is when love becomes an idol and the response to the idol is worship. (as stated in part I)

For instance, some of us get into relationships with unbelievers. A sin punishable by death, and death on a cross.

Jesus died for that sin just as He did for drunkenness, bad breath, homosexuality, lying, & murder. All were sins that Christ was brutally punished for, but that doesn’t mean you should still do them. You were washed by the blood of the Lamb and created as a new creature in Christ. The Holy Spirit now resides in you, sealing you until the day Jesus returns in all majesty as we marvel at His power.

“It keeps me up at night, I cry about it, I pray about it, I fast about it.”

This is not an issue to take lightly and it will keep you up at night, crying.

The issue plain and simple is that the unbeliever has now become a god. You have placed that person as a god disobeying the very first commandment.

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. “You shall have no other gods before me.” – Exodus 20:2-3

Understanding what Christ has done for us on the cross will push us to constant repentance, the turning away from sin. For some people one sin is easier to conquer than others but for some it is as if there is no hope.

“Will I be thrown into the pits of hell & turned away from those pearly gates for marrying him?”

Psalm 65:3 says, “When iniquities prevail against me, You atone for our transgressions.” Though sin is conquering you, as long as Jesus Christ is seated on the throne there is still hope. Jesus has atoned, paid the penalty, for our sin and said, “if you love me you’ll keep my commandments.” Yes, you will sin. We are perfect in God’s eyes but, and that is a BIG BUT, we are being made into the image of His Son Jesus. I emphasize the BUT because though we are positionally perfect we are in the process of being made perfect, and won’t be perfect till we enter our glorified bodies. (don’t just take my word for it!)

Dating an unbeliever, and even marrying one, will not exclude you from The Pearly Gates. We are saved not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to His own mercy. God had mercy on us by not killing us but killing His own Son.

“I don’t want to be without him but I don’t want to disobey God either.”

The theology behind marrying an unbeliever is plainly stated in the Bible as being unequally yoked (II Cor 6:4). An ox would be joined with another ox with a yoke. The yoke is easy if the partners are of equal strength, but if not the yoke is hard and burdensome.

Honestly what is truly on my heart to say to someone dating an unbeliever is dump them, please. They may tell you everything you want to hear but men lie, women lie, & Jesus is the Truth. I can tell you now that it will not work for several reasons, unless God divinely intervenes:

  • An unbeliever is a false idol who cannot save you. (Isa 46:3-13)
  • An unbeliever will not grow in Christ with you.
  • An unbeliever has no true standard of what constitutes being a true husband.
  • An unbeliever cannot be the Pastor of his house. (II Cor 11:3)
  • An unbeliever cannot love you like Christ did the Church. (Eph 5:25)
  • An unbeliever will make it confusing for children.
  • An unbeliever cannot take part in what should be the largest part of a believers life.

In the end it will hurt. From experience, personal and based on testimonies, unbelievers will complicate your life. I know of people who are scared to have children because of fear.  There is hope and Jesus does save, but He only saves those who repent & believe. I love you all and if it is in my power to convince you, through Christ, may it be so.

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