working to death.

and he’s been working,
slaving and hustling to get paid
the wages that it takes to be
enslaved, shackled in chains.

back bent, bones brittle,
hour to hour he’s picking lustful
flowers and cottons coated in envy.
he works long, stomach empty
because he’s been missing out
on the Word that’s living.

while he’s working to do right and
to appear perfect on the outside,
he’s forgotten that, internally, his
body is expiring.

curdling and clumping like spoiled milk,
his body grows weary as he continues to
work his way to right standing with the
one he serves as Master.

little did he know, Master once was in
his place. Master took up those wages
and all the debts, He had paid.
Master was shackled in chains as a slave,
and had already picked all of his lustful and envious ways.

Master’s back was bent with brittle bones,
not to work Himself to death, but to pay the
wages of death – to put those wages to death.

Master did this to offer freedom to the people
like him, but to earn righteousness with the Master,
he didn’t see it as a sin.

“But I tell you, brother, the wages of sin is death, but
the free gift of Master is eternal life in Christ Jesus
our Lord.

Therefore, I declare you unemployed! You no longer
have to work, I AM giving you a choice!”

his guilt wouldn’t allow him to accept this
gift of Freedom – so he bore on his brittle back
all the wages death had promised and remained
enslaved as his Master watched over him saying,

“The debt, it’s already been paid.
Why must you continue to enslave