power. part 2: “no one man should have all that power!”

as we saw in part 1, one of the definitions of power, via meriam-webster, is a possession of control, authority, or influence over others. according to the depiction of malcolm x by academy-award winner denzel washington, it is safe to say that malcolm x had some power.

i’m not just talking about any power, i’m talking about that “gimme a crisp pair of jeans, *** button up” power that literally ended the throwback jersey era. i’m talking about that eddie murphy in coming to america, “bark like a dog” power. that’s power.

in order to communicate a demand that will eventually become a reality is authentic power, power that Jesus exemplified above malcom x, jay-z, and prince akeem combined.

read mark 2:1-12 right quick and peep the power of Jesus!

in this instance, Christ Jesus showed his authority over forgiveness & sickness. not only did He heal the paralytic, but Christ forgave the paralytic’s sins – which seems to be of first importance. now that’s ultimate authority! Even the scribes were tripping at the fact that Jesus, a man, was talking like he was “God” or something! Only God can forgive sins, right? True, but the beauty is, although that Jesus is a man, He is God! And He has the same authority/power to this day!

no one man should have all that power – but a Godman should 😉

pray. sit. meditate. look around. look inside. how is God’s power manifesting in your life today?

i never seen a man cry, until i seen a man die.

tears fall from my eyes every time i watch the assassination scene on spike lee’s film: malcolm x.

now i know there are people out there who may ask, “how can you, a devout christian, be moved by the death of a man who obviously disagreed with what Jesus taught and commanded?”

well, part of the answer is in your question: malcolm x is a man, a human, just as you and me are, but the real reason is … well … follow me.

actually. look. i don’t feel like giving you the run-a-round. i’ll make like a twitter trending topic and #get2thepoint.

malcolm x got murdered by the very people he loved.

Jesus Christ got crucified by the very people he Loved. you. me. (acts 2:36).

the difference is, Christ’s death was like that of no other … it was the end all, be all, perfect, sacrificial, substitutional (meaning he died the death that we were supposed to die), DEATH.

he didn’t just get brutally shot up by a few of his former followers, but EVERYBODY got a lick in. how so? well, Jesus basically got jumped on the cross, bearing ALL of our sin, guilt, and shame, from the Father himself!

if the reenactment of an assassination can stir a stomach, bring a grown man to tears, let alone spark any emotional reaction, i wonder what the thought of MY sins, killing a perfect, almighty God, will do?

but He resurrected and forgave us. belieeeedat.