dressed in darkness.

darkness fell over her and snatched the Light from her eyes, and from her heart. she didn’t know where she was or even how she got there. her ligaments moved like gelatin and her face fell nothing short of a frown. she had been here before, but it had been a long while.

darkness crawled into every vessel and every vein of her being. she moved slow, aimlessly through crowds of people who seemed to be alive, but were just as faded as she was. she felt the hollowness of the dark circulating through her brain, telling her and reminding her of every reckless act she committed, in her past. darkness drove her back to a place she once sat comfortably in and she became weightless. she was swept back in with ease.

darkness became her boogie man and spooked her with hopelessness and confusion. it rocked her to sleep with her eyes wide open and woke her up with her eyes sealed shut, in complete submission to the dark. she was a prisoner, a tenant in an establishment darkness formed inside of her own mind.

she fought long and hard to escape the passion darkness had for her. and that. was. the problem. she would not give up the fight against the darkness to allow the Light to intercede on her behalf. she believed in herself, without believing the Light in herself. she did not understand that she was not wrestling with flesh and blood but against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the forces of evil, the spirit of the eternal death that had already been defeated.  she was not mentally, physically, or spiritually equipped.

what happens to a person when they forget to take up the whole armor of God? when they forget to fasten themselves in the belt of truth and they forget to put on the breastplate of righteousness? and their shoes, when they forget to lace their feet with the readiness to stand firm and walk in the authority and assurance given by the gospel of peace?

what happens to the person who thinks their shield of faith is not solid and mighty enough to resist and extinguish the doubt and the lies that come from darkness? when the person forgets their helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit of God, the word of God that slices through the interrogation and damnation of the evil one? what happens when the prayer and supplication of a person reaches its most outstanding decline, ever?

they become a slave to the darkness. they begin to fight the battle and war themselves, frantically. then they reach a point of insanity, believing that change will come by doing the same thing they’ve been doing: refusing to dress themselves in the full armor that God has provided as a result of His faithful lovingkindness.

how long will we continue to reject the Light and live comfortably in this establishment that darkness has formed in our minds? dressing ourselves up in the dark, forgetting the Light shines on a wardrobe of protection and victory.

there is a Light that shines, special for you and me. let’s freely live IN it and not pay the price of death as a tenant in darkness. let’s not get dressed in the dark to fit in, but in the Light to shine.  dare to be different.

kicking rocks and talking to demons.

i used to worship h.e.r.

yesterday this crazy thought just popped in my head: “God gets the glory when i simply kick a rock.

i then begin to sit and try to reason, with my incapable human mind, how God gets the glory from me kicking a rock …

  • God created the rock.
  • God created me.
  • the ground i kicked it on, God created it.
  • i had to walk to the rock, God ordered those steps.
  • God’s sovereignty put me in front of that rock at that perfect time and at that perfect place.
  • God giving me having the ability to kick the rock (meaning that my toes are aligned how God intended, my foot is “wired to the t”, my shin is working with the rest of my leg, which is connected to the strongest pivotal body part :the hip, all while my spine is the backbone of my body that allows me to stand, my brain is giving all the signals, i’m alive so my cells are working, there is also coordination and thought involved for me to kick the rock as far as i want to, eyes for me to see the rock, the ability for me to inhale and exhale to perform a proper kick, etc. (i was seriously pondering how genius God is.)

then it hit me, whether or not i think about this or not, all of the above remains true, which means that God gets the glory regardless, which means that it doesn’t matter what i do or think, God will get the glory! which means that God’s glory is not measured upon my actions!!!

*sit and think about that for like 10 minutes lol … no i’m serious*

ok so randomly, here’s an example of a rapper who doesn’t fall under the “christian” genre, but gives glory to God, seemingly unintentionally, by rapping as if he were satan – and might i add he spits 100% truth on this track.

this song really spoke to me because i am definitely an ex hip-hop worshiper (all music for that matter), and i was definitely the type to bump my stereo before reading my bible, and i sometimes still am :/, but thank God for Jesus Christ.

***warning: the “n-bomb” is dropped like 3 times. that about it.***

“you can be saved if you pick up the book and read but you’d rather turn your stereo up and bump me.”