this is the UNT christian cypher!

there’s been a lot of “cyphers” droppin’ this semester at various schools around texas, but this cypher is distinctively different. this cypher isn’t promoting self or bragging on possessions, but it is promoting Jesus Christ, who is our possession (and we are his) – and that’s who we boast in!

so sit back and enjoy 10 minutes of God-glorifying hip hop by a bold fellowship of believers at UNT (the DisCyphers) who decide to enter into culture and reconcile what we know as, the cypher!

you still think God can’t use hip hop? i laugh.

Jesus rules hip hop!

instead of trying to name everything as if we are adam, let’s just call a spade a spade. it is what it is: 3 individuals utilizing the gift of rhyme and cadence that God has bestowed upon them, and in turn being lead into an incredible exchange of proclamation and testimony, all to the glorification of Christ Jesus, through an art that some deem, “secular.”

“if you know it’s by grace that you’ve been saved / and that on the third day He rose from the grave / say praise the Lord!”

“if you know that Jesus Christ is the King of kings / and right now He’s rolling over EVERYTHING / say praise the Lord!”

i think hip hop falls under “everything.” whatchu think? 😉