After The Music Stops

“After the show, after the set, after the music stops, what’s next? Are we just writing songs or are we concerned with uniting a people to follow the great commission of Christ”

In one of Lecrae’s hits, “After the Music Stops,” he poses this question only to answer it later on in the song by saying “the importance of the show’s not to excite these folks but to make God’s truth relevant, ignite these folks.”

These convicting yet inspiring lyrics build up to the often overlooked importance of discipleship, an aspect of ministry we cannot neglect. I knew what being discipled had meant to my life, but I had yet to find out the impact I could make through discipleship on someone else’s life until I met Airwin Ward. Airwin is a young man out of Houston’s 3rd Ward community. I had the pleasure of sitting and talking with him. We talked casually about his past and his lifestyle before making a serious commitment to Christ. He portrayed a lifestyle filled with, as he put it, “things 15 and 16 year old boys had no business doin.”

(Ronnie on left, Airwin on right)

So what changed for the Houston teen? He began to be discipled by one of Houston’s own gospel hip hop rapper’s, Ronnie ‘Reconcile’ Lillard. Ronnie has taken it upon himself to spend weekends with Airwin. And he doesn’t just verbally tell him right from wrong and occasionally spoon feed him the gospel, he actually does life with Airwin and shows him actively how to live a lifestyle rooted in Christ.

I asked Airwin what life on life leadership in Christ looked like as opposed to the leadership he received outside of Christ. He replied:

“I was the high on Saturday in church by Sunday type of guy. Ronnie taught me I could worship and live for God all day every day. I realize now that my lifestyle is a choice. I can choose to live free and be fulfilled. Before I had brothers who showed me things that were real, but still fake. Now I see what’s really real. Ronnie uses the truths of the Bible to lead me. “

Witnessing the transformation of Airwin has deeply impacted me. I’m filled with so much joy as I see this new life emerging and evolving. It inspires and motivates me. And although I’ll never be a rapper, I do believe that we all have to come to a point in our lives when we ask ourselves-what’s the importance of the show?  After the music stops, at the end of the day, I got my salvation, so what’s next?

It’s a question that Ronnie has answered not just with words, but with actions. Ronnie isn’t just a friendly face that checks up on Airwin every once in a while. As Airwin puts it “Ronnie has become a brother from another mother …

And I mean that seriously when I say it, because he really is my brother.” As one of Houston’s hottest up and coming rappers, I believe Ronnie’s legacy will not be defined by a record and will not be confined to a stage. His legacy will be defined by the words of life that he breathed into the lives of those he touched on and off the stage. As part of his legacy he’s passed on an everlasting record that you can leave on replay for a lifetime. It’s the gospel of Jesus Christ. And if you ask me that album is epic.

To lean more about Ronnie’s ministry go to

and to scoop the free download of his EP hit up

Jesus uncensored (God moving in our community).

Jesus Uncensored Season 2 Episode 1 from Ronnie Lillard on Vimeo.

This episode of “Jesus Uncensored” captures the move of God that is happening in Cuney (Homes). The episode is so electric, I encourage you to watch it reflect and then give God glory!!!!! – patrick ngwolo, good hope young adult pastor.

this is nothing new! if you missed any episodes of the inaugural season of Jesus Uncensored, don’t fret! you can catch them here!

Last Tear

reconcile ft. corey paul & f.o.e. – “last tear”

as stated once before, the city @ good hope is excited about all that God is doing in and through the members of this body in the field of art! we have photographers, musical beasts of multiple genres (true levites), writers & journalists (evidence, this website), public speakers, amazing painters and sketchers, poets, and etc.! the city has truly been graced by God to have so many gifts and talents in just one body! we try not to take this fact for granted, but instead offer thanksgiving and give all the glory to God through these gifts!

with that said, our own ronnie lillard has been blessed with the talent to spread the gospel via hip hop/rap and subsequently personify the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that hip hop heads like myself and many others can love, appreciate, and honor God all the while!

“last tear” is a track from the “burn this city (ep)” (available for free download) … see more from reconcile at the official website.

outreach II.

i can’t express enough to a crowd of people how vital it is to reach out to the community we live in.  mission trips are not limited to traveling to a foreign country, instead they are vehicles we need to utilize to the people that are right down the street from us starving physically and most importantly, spiritually.

we got a chance to talk with these two men for more than 30 minutes about life in general.  it’s so refreshing to hear people speak to you about what they’ve been through and what they have been delivered from.

we came back a week later with the needs he asked for and his tone was filled with shock.  he didn’t think we would follow through, he said, “thank you for thinking of me.”  just a thought of someone is like handing them a big box filled with every answered prayer they’ve prayed to God.  to witness the reaction was uplifting.  the way God moves is so inspiring.

police officer rolled through wondering what was going on when he saw a crowd of people hanging on the corner doing a video shoot in remembrance of a 14-year-old high school male that was shot for an unruly reason.

after watching them shoot, i felt so intimidated.  i thought to myself, “these people are probably thinking ‘who do these people think they are trying to tell us how to live a good life when they don’t know half the stuff we’ve been through?'”  i held a heavy weight of fear and timidity, that is the spirit Christ did not give us.  He gave us a spirit of power, love and sound judgment to preach the Gospel with His confidence in an attempt to make disciples of ALL people. well, i didn’t feel it that day.

by the grace of God, the Good News of Jesus Christ did not go unspoken that day.  God spoke loudly through our brother Troy.  people were staring at him, wanting to walk away but were pulled in by the power God exhibited through him.  it was amazing.  i could not believe his boldness.  if you could feel the emotions and the sincere desire he demonstrated that day to complete strangers, proclaiming the Love Jesus has for each and every soul out there, you would not have walked away the same.

again, i cannot express to you all how important it is to reach out to your community.  let people know that you care.  let people know that there IS hope.  it is not about what people think or what people might say.  it is all about bringing people to the Cross.  salvation is crucial.  knowing where your body and soul will be once you are dead is so important.

if you are interested in going out to Cuney Homes on Saturdays at 12 p.m., please let us know!!!


Saturday, July 17th, 2010, under the torturous heat of houston, a few members from The City were able to visit a housing development in the Third Ward community of Houston, Texas.  Their missions were to invite their community out to the concert Good Hope will be hosting August 27th entitled “Hope for the Tre’” featuring artists such as Trip Lee and Tedashii. Their ultimate goal that day was to share with their brothers and sisters the Gospel with those in plain sight.

annnd, they’re off!

This was our first friend met, he had just woken up to take a stroll.  We came just in time.  Sovereignty.

We caught her as she was walking into her home.  She was so sweet and open to what David was sharing.

Deeeep in the text …

… there’s a blessing.

David told them he’d give them $5 dollars if they could cross him.

He slid a few times … and it took him a while … but he ended up scoring and won their undivided attention.

They listened … and they listened well.

Mack spoke to this young man for a while … he took heed and was thankful we had stopped him.

The young man on the left was on the phone when they first saw him and was stopped abruptly by one of the members (i’m not gonna say who!) and they spoke to him and his response to certain things blew them away.  They gave him a stack of flyers and he said for sure he was going to round up his boys and they were going to be there at the concert.

It was great meeting and talking with the people we ran into.  I can definitely say God worked us according to His will.  It was extremely hot, but after speaking with the young man in the yellow, God being so gracious hid the sun behind some clouds and blew us with a breeze so calming.  We were all so thankful because we were drenched!

All in all, the purpose of our being there was served and we look forward to seeing them and everyone else at Good Hope on August 27th for the “Hope for the Tre’” concert!