Jesus wants the Rose

This is a favorite clip of mine by a man of God by the name Matt Chandler.

The Rose

There are many of us who secretly feel unworthy to be in relationship with God. Many of us feel because of our past   (or current) mistakes, that we’re just too dirty to come to an immeasurably clean God and dare ask for a relationship. The Good News is that this immeasurably clean God came down and took your filth and gave you His cleanliness, if you realize you need Him and believe He can save you! Peep the vid and comment!


  1. mmmhhhm. tattered battered flowers get thrown away because nobody would buy a damaged rose. But He aint just nobody, He’s the creator of the universe and He is buying….Thank you Jesus!

  2. This is a hard truth for me to grasp. Not only a sexual nature but how God wants us no matter what. Thank you Jesus for bridging the gap through your death. Teach me to love like you love Jesus, please.

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