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Meet my beloved friend/brother/teacher/personal-pick-me-up-button, David Silas Dawkins. He is a writer here for the city blog under the alias “die_dd” which means to “die-to my flesh-daily david. A constant reminder for david to die and for Christ to live through me”. He is currently an art major at the University of Houston.

On first meeting David my freshman year, I was struck by his sense of music. His style appeared to be much different from those I had been so accustomed to seeing in high school. I was drawn to him and almost felt it was a necessity to get to know him, not understanding why. Later in my college life, I found purpose in my need to know him. Besides his cool swaggerliciousness and all the girls secretly craving his personality, there was a deeper call from his spirit to mine and I felt obligated to take heed to it. I had to hear what it was communicating to me.
Music made me lose control.
When asked what type of music he likes to listen to, he responded cleverly by saying, “Being that music was once a god for me, I dabbled in all of its facets. Now given the ministry of reconciliation, I love to listen to music to glorify God. My latest music playlist involves Commissioned, Paramore, Sho Baraka, Cee Lo, Stephen the Levite, hymns from old dead people, Floetry, Janelle Monae, Red Letter, Little Brother, Nujabes, Theophilus London, Shai Linne, Fred Hammond, & Mozart. Eclectic, but God created it all & it all stirs my affections toward Christ rather than pull me away.” Dawkins has a very wide range of music interest and I knew there was something special about him, something special in him that resonated, calling for more questions.
Hobbies in a lobby withtheology?
Now, watching David waltz around various atmospheres, he always seemed to be a sly kitten … okay, a sly fox. It never looked as though he did anything. He always wore a stoic face unless approached and tickled with jovial words. He was always walking in his own world, unmoved and unshaken. I never imagined that he had a hobby, but he proved me wrong. “My hobbies include contemplating on various aspects of God’s grace. Sounds churchy, but it’s what I do. I love theology, but even more so I love the application of theology. Correct doctrine & the practice of it is freeing & an eternal study of an infinite God”, says Dawkins.
Artwork, schmartwork.
I have been given the honor to purchase an original painting by David Dawkins. I never knew he was a painter until we actually became “friends”. And boy, was i blown away! The messages spoken through his paintings are voluminous. They have the power to grip ones heart, causing it to feel what he felt as he splattered multiple colors on a blank canvas. “My artwork is inspired by the concept of seeing the world through Christ like eyes. Seeing the hurt and need for sanctification I explore the reality that is life”, says dawkins. By entering the culture I use relevant subjects like secular humanism, race relations, & the sanctity of life for all people whom God is calling to come to repentance.”
The city blog. Why write for them!?
“I write for the city good hope blog because just like the prophet Isaiah I feel as though my words may not carry much weight in a sinful & adulteress generation, but written words leave a legacy. In Isaiah 6 He had an encounter with God where he decided to tell the world about the holiness of the One seated on the throne no matter the cost, but no one was ever going to listen. Isaiah recognized that he too was a sinner like everyone else by the power of the Spirit he was set free to tell others about the Suffering Servant. Writing allows me to collect my thoughts and hopefully leave a legacy that someone will stumble across in the sovereignty of Christ & be saved – like the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8 reading the book of Isaiah.”

If you have not caught the message yet, in his spirit was the Spirit of our Heavenly Father chasing after me gradually, drawing me nearer to Him through him, David Dawkins. I never knew that this former hip hop head/black power activist/socially awkward man would allow our God, so sovereign, to use him to draw more to the Kingdom. And that is just what I have been witnessing. A young man minimizing his life in order that Christ is maximized in his own life and, more importantly, in others.
He is a vital organ to this Body of Christ and I thank God for placing me in his life. I thank God for using him through this community blog, drawing more and more people like us to Christ. A life lived for self is a life not lived at all. His life is finally alive, in Christ. And radiates to those surrounding him.
visit him at thou art and read his posts here on the city.

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