confessions of an ex-hip-hop worshiper.

*only focusing on first 1:09*

“hip hop is a religion to a certain extent, and the rappers are the preachers. the music is the scriptures. it’s just like church. you go to a concert, you raise your hands in the air, you get dressed up, you sing songs, and you definitely pay some money!” – kanye west.

i remember it as if it were yesterday. the word from pastor west was so amazing! i was a visitor at the church of the woodlands pavilion in north north north houston, seemingly only used for every extremely large revivals, and my god, did i experience what i tithed for! the feeling was incredible! the overall theme of the service was titled “glow in the dark,” and my, did my god shine that night!

“i, i go for mines! i gots to shine! now throw your hands up in the sky!!!” were the lyrics to pastor west’s most popular sermon at the time, “good life,” and did i throw my hands up in the sky or what!? the entire congregation did! we were all in one accord! singing and praising and worshiping and revering and honoring and loving and pouring out our voices and souls, just as pastor west commanded us! now that’s authority!

the climax of the service was when pastor west visited an old sermon titled, “touch the sky,” a sermon that featured another pastor, pastor wasalu muhammad, better known as, lupe fiasco. now pastor muhammad, oh, he was definitely my favorite pastor in all of the land! his intricate wordplay and delivery and cadence and on-the-track chivalry was what i loved most about his sermons! when he surprisingly burst onto the stage and delivered the ever so popular 3rd point of the “touch the sky” sermon, i tried with all of my might to touch the sky! my arms were fully extended, as if i were surrendering, and i screamed every word of the sermon verbatim! and the horns at the end of the sermon, as if some grand deity was coming back to bring the entire congregation up with it, only captivated my soul and magnified the preachers and glorified the worshipers who were in attendance at the woodlands pavilion that night!

now i wasn’t a sunday hip hopstian, i did this every day of the week. i didn’t need a service, i did it in my room. i had to have my ipod in my ear, playing a sermon, everywhere i went. that was mandatory. i ate, slept, and breathed hip hop. i was one of the best hip hopstians in all of the land. blameless before jay-z. i was definitely going to hip hop heaven, where all of the hip hop “martyrs” dwell. i knew my history, my ancestors, what they did for me. not only was i a hearer of the word, but a doer. you couldn’t tell me nothing!

Romans 1:25 for they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

i exchanged the truth of God for a lie. i worshiped hip hop. i served hip hop, rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. BUT God went for me, for us, in the flesh, in Jesus Christ, and died for all of those who have exchanged the truth of Him for a lie! why’d he do it? He did it for the glory!!!

“God, God’s so divine, God gots to shine, now throw your hands up in the skyyyyyyyy!” #radioreconcile


  1. man…my prophets were Tupac, Biggie, and Jay-Z. I made clothing decisions, women decisions, and career decisions based on them. I can feel you.

  2. Great post. Cats really don’t understand that we glorify the sins that Christ died for by listening and mimicking songs that are blatantly anti-Christ. Glory be to God for grace and mercy, and Him allowing us the time to repent and turn to Him!

  3. This was amazing. We have made hip hop a HOLYer church than the Body of Christ, to the point where when Jay-Z slanders Christ, people, Christians (Yes I said it… Christians) would rather stand up in the honor of Jay-z and back him up as opposed to strapping themselves up with the Word of God and going to War for Jesus.

  4. I used to be a hip hopstian and didn’t really notice that I was worshiping the created more than I was worshiping the Creator until I thought about the different reactions that I had towards both.

    It was easier and more comfortable for me to get crunk, dance, throw my hands up, sing, and clap for all these created men than it was for me to do all those things in a church for the Creator of the universe who came down from heaven to save a wretch like me.

    The question at the end ‘Who are you worshiping?” has to be asked it is so evident in your lifestyle!

  5. I remember the days when me and eMike would bob our heads and sing at the top of our lungs the latest hipster anthem. Nowadays we bump kirk fanklin “whatcha lookin 4″…unashamed. Good entry.

  6. Man.. such a breath of fresh air reading this post and the comments. God indeed receives all the glory in the end! I used to be a hardcore Pastor Tupac Shakur fan back around high school following up to my college years. I pretty much sacrificed who I was on the inside to maintain my outside alter-ego. My excuse was that I needed some type of bravado or to at least act in a certain way so that people wouldn’t “cross the line” with me. Such a fool I was not knowing that with the Word of God you can shame any type of demon present. Nowadays growing up & getting older, I grow more reverent of the Christian Word having looked in other arenas only to find that they are inspirational of false doctrines. God is the only thing true in this world. In all my years of living God has always consistently been benevolent to me in my life. Praise Him!

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